Want to grow Your Spotify Plays, Followers, Monthly Listeners or get your songs placed on big Spotify Playlists? Streambeet is the most cost-efficient service, with promotion campaigns to do that.

We at Streambeet work to help artists (whether upcoming or established) promote their Spotify tracks and grow their following. We understand how different of a platform Spotify is, from other music platforms, and how difficult it can get for artists to drive exposure to their Spotify catalogue. We solve this problem through our Spotify promotion campaigns.

With Streambeet, results are guaranteed; campaigns will keep running until the targeted results/numbers have been reached. 



  • Email blasts to millions of music listeners based on the artist's genre.
  • Targeted digital ads and sponsored placements.
  • Network of affiliates and huge partner lists (which include; music promoters, online radio stations, playlists and various other parties) 


All track plays are royalty registered and eligible for full royalties.



How do you drive plays to tracks/followers to accounts?
We utilize engagement groups, email blasts to millions of music listeners based on the artist genre, targeted digital ads/sponsored placements and our network of affiliates/huge partner lists.


Are plays/followers guaranteed?
Yes! Promotion campaigns will keep running until we hit the desired number of plays or followers.


When will my campaign start?
It takes some time (up to a day) to set up the campaigns, and for our partners to receive the track or account info and prepare their campaigns as well. Campaign proper starts within 12-24 hours after purchase. After campaign has begun, results will show in 2-3 days, depending on how long it takes Spotify to update the stats. If after making a purchase and you do not receive an email from us immediately, please do not panic. We will surely email you to confirm that you placed the order. There is no automation involved in sending out our emails, as we have actual people who handle these campaigns and personally send out emails. Due to this, we may not be able to send out order confirmation emails immediately after you make a purchase, but we will surely do so. 


Can you deliver plays to just any track?
Tracks must be more than 1 minute of length. We review each order before submission, so please no tracks of silence, noise or other funny scam business.


My track received no plays yesterday, according to Spotify plays count
Spotify usually updates the play count for all tracks in the catalogue around 8am PDT. Sometimes it fails to do so, and none of the tracks in its entire catalogue changes their play count. Stay calm - Spotify will accumulate the missed plays in the next day's update.


I want to run a bigger campaign or customized campaign
For bigger campaigns, contact us at contact@streambeet.com